Green Energy

July 28, 2017

FCC member Ben Westwood has written to us about his passion for Green Energy.   He’s asked us to spread the word.   Here are a few words from Ben:

Nice to be a member of Friends of Clapham Common. Our family has lived in Clapham since 1970, so we are very familiar with the area & it is the Common which makes the place special.

However, I’m writing in order to promote an idea which has ramifications both for the Common & more importantly the whole planet. I am talking about climate change & a very quick & efficient thing YOU can do to address this without having to wait for legislation by the government.

Since 1996 everyone in Britain has had the option to choose their own energy supplier & there are now at least 5 green energy suppliers who will put all your money into green energy research & projects (you will also be removing funding from the fossil fuel companies). We at Westwood have decided to choose the company Ecotricity to support.

The process of switching one’s own household energy supply is very simple, basically just give your postcode & click the button ‘Switch’. Later you send them your meter readings.

If everyone in Britain were to do this tonight, then tomorrow this country would wake up with a completely new energy policy, which I must say is vitally needed. We can’t keep delaying.

Climate change is happening now & the present environmental decline & refugee crisis are just two faces to this process.

I personally work for my mother Vivienne Westwood & one of the things I do is to write the Worlds End shop blog.

Here are two links to pieces I have written regarding this campaign which may be of interest.

Video of Ecotricity founder Dale Vince talking to Vivienne:
& Dale’s project to supply green gas from cut grass:
(I’m not trying to sell you a t-shirt 😊 )

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