Our Committee

Tricia Peters

Carol Rutter

Treasurer & Membership
Angie Laycock

Planting Projects
Bob Robinson

Social Events
Marietta Krikhaar

Aaron Stephens

Sponsorship/ Corporate Membership
David Frost

Martin Read

Friends Groups Liaison
Krishna Siva

Special Projects
Estelle Stephens

Community / Web
Ramesh Sur

We welcome your views and we hope you will become involved in our work.

Please email friends@claphamcommon.org if you would like to receive the minutes from our meetings – members only.

More information:

We wish to encourage new friends to play a part on our Committee and hope to draw on a range of experience, with all aspects of our community represented. We ask for a commitment of around 1 hour a week. We are currently looking for people with publicity and IT skills and/or with a good knowledge of biodiversity management in urban parks.

If you feel you have something to offer, or know someone else who has, please email friends@claphamcommon.org.

We look forward to hearing from you. Nature Trail launch web


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