Clapham Common is one of the largest open spaces in London and performs an essential role as a green lung and a place for recreation. The common has existed for over 1000 years, but the pressures on its unique character are immense. See About Clapham Common.

The Friends of Clapham Common runs projects to improve the biodiversity of Clapham Common, we also help restore its buildings and facilities, and we contribute to the planning of events. We want to preserve Clapham Common for all the uses people cherish it for, from dog-walking, cycling, wildlife watching, recreation, music events, to a range of sports activities.

We work to:

  • achieve better management and maintenance of the Common
  • ensure more balanced use of the open green space
  • promote and carry out new planting and tree replacement
  • create new habitats for more diverse flora and fauna
  • encourage young families in activities to understand and appreciate nature on the Common.

During the early spring we plant young trees on the common, in order to replace fallen and diseased stock. In winter we plant bulbs such as daffodils, crocuses, snowdrops and bluebells, as well as small copses of fruiting shrubs, for the benefit of people, birds and insects.

We encourage all who love Clapham Common and wish to see it maintained in good health, for current and future generations to enjoy to join us and help our work.
All committee members are unpaid volunteers – so our membership fees directly fund projects and campaigns.

We welcome your views.  Please email friends@claphamcommon.org.

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